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445,960,583 Medical Cannabis Users


Accessible, safe, and personalized
Our vision encompasses four core principles:


We believe in openness and honesty. Transparency runs through our veins, from the blockchain records to our community interactions.


Patient-Centric Approach

Patients are at the heart of everything we do. Their well-being is paramount, guiding safety and enhancing access to all.



We embrace innovation as a catalyst for progress. From NFTs to secure smart contracts, we’re constantly pushing boundaries.


Global Impact

Our vision extends beyond borders. We aspire to impact patients worldwide, regardless of geographical constraints.


Research and development


Secure and fast


Safe and reliable

Pepe Weed is an innovative blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the medicinal cannabis industry.

  • Liquidity Burn: 51%
  • Donation to research: 5%
  • Team and advisors: 5%
  • Marketing and growth: 5%
  • Fairlunch: 17%
  • Stacking & Airdrops: 17%
  • : %
  • 1 Token Symbol: PEPEWEED
  • 2 Blockchain Network : Solana
  • 3 Total Supply : 420,420,420,420
  • 4 Liquidity: 100 % Burned.
  • 5 Not Mintable. Ownership Renounced.

Our Roadmap

End of Q2 2024

Foundation and Awareness

Listing on CoinMarketCap: Establishing visibility within the crypto community.
Social Media Engagement: Creating awareness about the project’s mission.
Educational Content: Informing users about blockchain, cannabis, and patient rights.

End of Q4 2024

Infrastructure Development

Smart Contracts: Building secure smart contracts for cannabis tracking.
Collaborations: Partnering with cannabis growers, dispensaries, and medical professionals.
Legal Compliance: Ensuring adherence to regional regulations.

End of Q1 2025

Patient Empowerment

User-Friendly Interface: Designing an intuitive platform for patients.
Community Support: Engaging patients through forums, webinars, and educational content.
Research Grants: Allocating funds for cannabis research projects.


The primary goal of Pepe Weed is to integrate medicinal cannabis with blockchain technology. We aim to bring transparency, traceability, and safety to the cannabis supply chain. Our mission is to empower patients by providing verified strains, dosage information, and personalized treatment plans.

Pepe Weed stands out due to its patient-centric approach. We prioritize patient safety, quality, and well-being. Our transparent supply chain ensures that patients can trust the cannabis products they consume. Additionally, our commitment to global impact extends beyond borders.

You can join our community, follow our updates on social media, and explore our platform. Whether you’re a patient, researcher, or cannabis enthusiast, your engagement matters. Together, we’re shaping the future of medicinal cannabis and blockchain integration.

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